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Unlock your productivity Easily insert text snippets in any application from a library of content created by you and your team.

About TextExpander

Communicate smarter with TextExpander. It’s a knowledge base from which you can communicate quickly and accurately across your devices. Easily insert “snippets” of text in any app from a library of content created by you and your team. For example, type “em1” and it expands to your email address of “email@companyemail.com”. TextExpander comes with a variety of ready-made snippets to get you started, available from Public Groups. These snippet groups include autocorrect libraries in English, French, and German to correct your typing in all apps, as well as groups for Accented Words (crème brûlée), HTML and CSS (<h1></h1>), Symbols (©), Emoji and more. Create flexible templates for emails and forms, using “Mad Libs” style fill-in-the-blank areas. As you expand email template snippets, customize the field for the recipient’s first name, and any other data unique to the situation. This is both faster and more accurate than typing it out by hand, or coping/paste from a previously written message. Insert the current or future date, paste copied text as a snippet expands, choose the final cursor location, and run scripts. TextExpander for Mac, TextExpander for Windows, and TextExpander for iPhone & iPad keep your snippets current on all your devices using TextExpander.com, the easy way to share snippets. Control sharing and editing permissions from TextExpander.com. A single TextExpander account includes all the apps and updates. TextExpander for Teams TextExpander boosts team productivity by cutting the repetitive typing that creeps into every task. A quick shortcode while typing drops in the necessary language to send to clients and customers. In the words of your best writer, gather the knowledge of your most experienced staff in a quick-access knowledge base of reusable emails, prose, and messaging. TextExpander keeps your whole team communicating consistently and accurately. Management tools let team leaders adjust permissions, including those for editing snippets. Team usage statistics highlight aggregate productivity gains and the most popular snippets. Built with collaboration in mind, the team’s collection of snippets becomes a de facto knowledge base for an organization. TextExpander offers multiple search options to quickly find and expand shared snippets. New team members onboard quickly when given access to the institutional memory and to accurate information in a uniform voice.

TextExpander pricing

LIFE HACKER Work smarter with TextExpander. Put it on all your devices. Share the magic with your circle.

$3.33 per month billed annually $4.16 when billed monthly

Your snippets on all your devices Share groups with your circle Unlimited usage for single user Free app updates Email support PERFECT FOR COMPANIES TEAM Consistency and accuracy applied to the whole team. Keep everyone productive and on message.

$7.96 per user/month billed annually $9.95/user when billed monthly

All Life Hacker features plus: Single Sign-On (SSO) Organization-controlled snippet sharing Manage team and snippets Manage permissions Sign up by email domain Auto-subscribe users to snippets Consolidated billing Snippet Statistics Standard Security Review (CAIQ) & Supporting Documentation

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