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SaneBox is an AI assistant for your inbox.

About SaneBox

Clean up your inbox today and keep it that way forever. SaneBox uses personalized algorithms to quickly learn your email habits and show your most important messages first, while filtering out the noise. Best of all, it works wherever you check email, on all clients and devices. With glowing reviews from TechCrunch, Forbes, The New York Times and emailers everywhere, you can rest assured that you will fall in love with email again.

SaneBox features

A folder for distractions Folder with an image of a cup of hot coffee SaneBox will automatically move Inbox distractions to your SaneLater folder. Learn More

Watch (1:00) A folder for newsletters Folder for newsletters The SaneNews folder is for newsletter type emails that you can read when time permits. Learn More

A folder for CC'd emails Folder for CC If you are not in the "to" line, then this email is more FYI than actionable. SaneCC will help you focus on actionable items and review the "FYI" emails in bulk. Learn More

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Push to our 40k readers on our newsletter from the blog. Push to all social platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). Free SaneBox team account.

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