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About Balance

The first consumer-grade payment experience for B2B e-commerce and marketplaces.

B2B payments are complex as B2B buyers often don't want to pay by card. They want invoicing, net terms (BNPL), installments, and milestone or recurring payments. They want to pay by ACH, wire, or check.

Balance accepts 100% of these B2B payment complexities, letting your B2B buyers check out in seconds. You get one fully reconciled and consolidated payout to your bank. So do your vendors.

Balance features

  1. Monetization - as we charge a % of revenue, our rev share enables partners to start monetizing their client's digital revenue

  2. Leads - we need help managing the demand for Balance, building custom solutions for customers

  3. Thought leadership and co-marketing - we share your expertise with our audience, partner audiences, and the wider B2B e-comm ecosystem

Balance pricing

What is your pricing for processing of payments? Standard ACH


Digital wires and checks


Instant ACH


Card payment (Stripe as processor)

2.9% + 30 cents

What is the pricing for the financing? net - 30


net - 60


net - 90


net - 120


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